burn injury

Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are one of the most severe and traumatic types of personal injury because of the physical pain and mental anguish associated with the causal event, and we do our best to address the multi-faceted nature of a burn injury victim’s situation. The first component is to broaden our understanding and knowledge of these injuries.

The four categories of burn injuries are:

First-degree burns

Affecting the outermost layer of the skin (the epidermis), first-degree burns tend to be spongy in appearance and feel, and they are generally reddish-pink in color. Your body will usually heal these burns within a week with minimal intervention.

Superficial second-degree burns

Affecting the epidermis and extending into the dermis, superficial second-degree burns can appear in red splotches and, like first-degree burns, appear spongy and reddish-pink in color. Your body will usually heal these burns within a matter of weeks, assuming standard medical treatments are followed.

Deep second-degree burns

More severe than its superficial counterpart, deep second-degree burns reach deeper into the dermis and present with a dry, flaky appearance and white coloration that does not redden when pressure is applied. Your body will usually heal these burns within about a month, although some scarring may result.

Third-degree burns

The most severe category of burn, third-degree burns decimate the epidermis and dermis skin layers and penetrate the skin all the way to the subcutaneous tissue. They often leave the skin physically depressed and leathery or charred in appearance. Third-degree burns result in such severe nerve damage that they are often accompanied by little to no pain. Unfortunately, they are extremely serious and often necessitate reconstructive surgery to repair.



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