Case Results

In total, we have recovered in excess of $25 million for our clients.

For more than four decades, the Law Office of William D. Cook has been fighting on behalf of clients to provide them with the justice and compensation they deserve. During that time, we have experienced many triumphs that speak to our professionalism, experience, and concrete understanding of the legal landscape. Our case results are not only a testament to the hard work that goes into representing every one of our clients, but also to the real and lasting positive impact a successful personal injury claim can make in the lives of victims. On this page, you can find a sampling of our past successes that highlight the kind of dedication clients have come to expect from the Law Office of William D. Cook.  

Dow Corning Bankruptcy:

Our firm has been actively pursuing cases against Dow Corning on behalf of breast implant claimants for more than 20 years. These cases are were initially executed at the multi-district litigation level (MDL), which means that they are consolidated through a single judicial jurisdiction and that all plaintiffs must qualify for compensation based on a scale of injuries or diseases that have resulted from receiving these defective implants. In this case Dow Corning opted out of the MDL and went into Bankruptcy court, with many more years of effort in processing the claims resulting. In 1994, we began working with a specialist physician based out of Seattle. He flew to Alaska to examine our clients and issue expert reports for their disease claims – including disease such as Lupus, which can take many years to develop.

After nearly 21 years, we are so happy to announce that we did achieve the highest possible settlement sum for an initial client, for Lupus. The only higher level is where the client has died or developed complete renal shutdown as a result of the silicone breast implant. We have overcome major odds to attain this result, as less than 3% of over 55,000 claims paid  have been awarded at that level of compensation.

This is the second Breast Implant Option 2 Level recovery that we have achieved, working with the same doctor, and we will continue to use this as a barometer for future success.

Plaintiff v. Municipality of Anchorage

  • Practice Area: Wrongful termination, Wrongful Discharge
  • Date: Case settled 2014
  • Description: MOA had violated our clients’ constitutional right per a SCOTUS decision, as ordinance wrongfully does not allow fired employees both pre and post termination hearing.
  • Outcome: $300,000 settlement, lifting of all restrictions on re-hire

Chong v. Solano, et al

  • Practice Area: Car Wreck,  MVC (Multiple Vehicle Collision)
  • Date: 07/31/2015
  • Description: Multi-claimant settlement/drunk driver case. In addition to the drunk driver, one of the injured claimants — the drunk driver’s passenger, was included in the suit due to negligent entrustment. She had given the driver her keys to drive, aware of the driver’s level of intoxication. The policy was 50/100, with two passengers in the client’s taxi, two in the middle vehicle, as well as the tort vehicle owner/passenger, all claiming part of the 100K “per accident” pot.
  • Outcome: collected just short of $60,000 for my client

J.L., B.P., K.S., C.W., A.W., & J.W.  v.  State of Alaska Department of Corrections; Allvest, Inc., d/b/a Cordova House; & J.C. Lewis

  • Practice Area: Personal Injury, Sexual Assault, Negligent Employee Hiring, Training and Supervision
  • Date: Jury Verdict 2002
  • Description: Sexual molestation of six inmates at a private prison.  A poorly trained Corrections Officer with a past violent history pre-hire to the position at the private prison sexually molested several inmates during the course of their sentence.
  • Outcome: Compensatory and Punitive damages for all clients totaled at $1,362,015.00