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5 Lies About Car Accident Injuries You Shouldn’t Believe

September 7, 2016

Auto accidents can be overwhelming, especially if you or another passenger has been severely injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. Between what the police tell you, what your insurance company suggests, and the advice you hear from friends and family, you may have sift through a wealth of misinformation before you determine what the best next step is in getting the compensation you deserve for any resulting medical bills or other damages.

To help, we’ve listed five common myths about car accident injuries that you shouldn’t believe:

Myth #1: An EMT doesn’t need to check out minor injuries.

If able to walk away from an accident with only a few bumps or bruises, people tend to believe they don’t need the help or check-up a EMT can provide. While you may not be aware of any problems initially because adrenaline from the accident is masking your pain, you may still have a serious injury that should be treated immediately. Furthermore, other injuries may take a few days to manifest themselves. Discussing how you feel with an EMT can be a good first step to not only getting the treatment you need, but also offers an important documentation opportunity at the onset of your treatment.

Myth #2: Seeing a physician isn’t necessary for bumps and bruises.

If you were able to walk away from an accident, you might feel lucky. But even if you don’t have any broken bones or wounds that require an immediate trip to the emergency room, seeing a doctor may still be in your best interest.

If you have any injuries or pain from the accident, make an appointment with your primary care doctor or take a walk in appointment. You may be suffering from an injury or damage that isn’t immediately apparent to you, but still requires medical attention.

Myth #3: An accident can only injure you physically.

Rarely do people consider the physiological traumas that can be associated with getting in an accident. But in fact, it is actually pretty common to suffer from mental disorders like anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after an accident. If unaddressed, these injuries they can cause anguish for years. Psychological trauma after an accident is very real and should not be ignored.

Myth #4: Whiplash isn’t real.

One of the most common injuries associated with a car accident is whiplash; but for some reason, many people don’t recognize it as a serious condition. If you’re experiencing pain in your neck or back as a result of a violent impact, you may be suffering from whiplash. The pain can be debilitating, and may require immediate medical attention.

Myth #5: Lawyers made up the term “pain and suffering.”

For those who has never experienced pain and suffering, it’s easy to just assume it doesn’t exist. But for anyone who has been through the trauma of an accident, they understand all too well how real it can be.

Pain and suffering refers to a significant decrease in one’s enjoyment of life after an accident. You may be required to miss work, social engagements, and/or class because you are dealing with pain and psychological damage.

If you’ve recently been injured in a car accident, do not allow the myths you hear to influence your recovery. Contact an experienced Miami personal injury lawyer today for more information on how you can get the compensation you deserve.

Thanks to our friends and co-contributors from Personal Injury Lawyer of Miami for their added insight into common myths surrounding car accident injuries.


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